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Social economy and entrepreneurship has developed in the recent years as an answer to major social needs that have been exacerbated through the economic crisis. Social enterprises contribute to social innovation, the creation of new business models and the exploitation of unused resources. 

However, the supporting structures for social economy, such as advisory services, are still underdeveloped in the EU, slowing down the potential growth of this sector. 

For this reason the SESBA project aims at developing a training methodology and a consulting toolkit that will enable business advisers to expand their competencies in order to provide tailored services to social entrepreneurs. Thus the profile of business advisors will become even more market relevant and tools will be provided for the development of solid support structures in social economy.

The toolkit will suggest the best methodologies that could be applied and pathways for their successful implementation and it will be developed through the investigation and incorporation of alternative techniques with emphasis on counseling techniques, such as: group projects, individual projects, new venture creation project, problem solving, business games, drama therapy, self-discovery, action learning, virtual reality, role playing, learning circles etc..

Download the SESBA toolkit