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AcrossLimits hosted the third partner meeting of the SESBA project in Malta. The meeting was held on the 15th and 16th February 2017 at the SeaShells Resort at Suncrest, Qawra Coast, Qawra. The meeting started with the Maltese hosts welcoming the other partners and wished them a nice stay in Malta and a productive meeting.

The aim of this meeting was to gauge the progress of the project so far and to discuss the way forward. Olympic Training, the coordinators coordinated the meeting according to the prepared agenda which amongst other things was the introduction of the new partner Kodukant from Estonia who have replaced QUIN. They introduced themselves and gave a power point presentation about their organisation. In turn the other partners introduced themselves and their respective organisations to Kodukant. A time was dedicated to each output and the partner in charge gave an overview of the progress so far.

The first day ended with a welcome dinner at La Buona Trattoria del Nonno in St. Paul’s Bay where the partners had a chance to interact socially. The second day was dedicated to financial reporting and administration issues, where the coordinators also conducted bilateral meetings with the respective partners. The next meeting will be held in Rome in November 2017.