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Athens Partners MeetingThe SESBA project kick off meeting took place in Athens, Greece on the 5th and 6th November 2015. The consortium made up of seven partners from Greece, Malta, Ireland, Estonia, Bulgaria and Italy met in Athens to discuss the project in detail. The meeting started with a welcome speech from the coordinators, Olympic Training & Consulting LTD and all the partners introduced themselves and their respective organisations.

The main aims of this meeting were for the partners to get to know each other; to introduce the SESBA project and to gain common understanding of the project's objectives. The coordinators spoke about the contents of the proposal and the expected results.  A discussion ensued about the specification of time and activity schedule as illustrated by a Gantt chart. Each of the six intellectual outputs were presented and discussed with the input of the respective intellectual output leader. A time was also allocated for issues regarding project management, communication, dissemination quality assurance and financing.

The consortium members attended a welcome dinner and tasted the local cuisine. The second partner meeting is envisaged in June 2016 and will take place in Limerick, Ireland.