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Event: SESBA ME3 – a new opportunity for business advisors’ training in the field of social economy/ entrepreneurship - Social Enterprise Skills for Business Advisers.

The third SESBA Project event took place at the Hilltop Gardens in Naxxar, Malta on Thursday, 26th January 2018. The target group reached were Maltese Business advisors, Social entrepreneurs, NGO’s, Public authorities, VET sector, and the voluntary sector.

Today, twenty-three (23) individuals coming from different backgrounds of the society but which are at the same time somehow related to entrepreneurship were brought together for the Social Enterprise Skills for Business Advisers – SESBA ME 3 Seminar. Maryrose Francica introduced the seminar by giving an overview of the project and by presenting the seminar objectives. The event continued with presentations from Angele Giuliano, where she explained thoroughly the main objective behind TECHNIQUE #2: FROM IDEA TO ACTION, its leading pathway, target group and and also the steps to be followed for one to use the tool. The business Model Canvas was interactively explained and all the participants commented that this model was very helpful and that they will surely make use of it in their future endeavours.

When the four (4) hour programme came to an end, the participants were asked to fill an evaluation questionnaire where they were asked to give/rank/suggest their opinions/views on the SESBA toolkit, many of which as seen in the above evaluation, had very positive thoughts about. The participants gave full points in relation to how interesting they found the seminar and also the interactive nature that was adopted. Through their hands-on experience during the couple workshop, the participants were given the task to work on their business plan using the proposed business canvas. The demonstration of the Business Model Canvas was very much praised and appreciated. Moreover, in the comments section Participants added that the event was “very valid” … “excellent” … “well structured course” … “it gave me a clever vision about the Maltese

society, culture and entrepreneurship” … “extremely useful and of great push” … “well organised” …” and that “I will definitely start using the techniques in my consultancy”. A gratifying comment was that this seminar had inspired the respective participant to “possibly help in using/approaching clients with a different mentality to ensure that their social aim remains at heart”.