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Final Conference in Athens, Greece

As the SESBA project is ending Olympic Training, with the help of the project partners, organised a final conference entitled “Social Enterprises’ business advising in contemporary Europe: Challenges and possibilities” to further disseminate the projects’ outputs.

The final conference took place on the 12th and 13th of July 2018 at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Egaleo "Hellenic Pencil", in Athens, Greece.

The conference was well attended by local stakeholders, business advisors, social entrepreneurs, journalists, representatives from the Hellenic Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity, university professors, NGO members as well as people interested in social economy.

Session 1 focused on the support of Social Enterprises: Needs and policies for social economy organizations with interventions by Geormas Konstantinos, Ph.D Sociology and writer, instructor at Hellenic Open University.

Session 2 was dedicated to business advisors and their role in the support of social enterprises with presentations from Vikas Ioannis, Economist PhD from Athens Development and Destination Management Agency and Teodora Stoeva, Associate Prof., PhD. From the Agricultural University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Findings from SESBA research were also presented.

Session 3 focused on the SESBA project and up-skilling for business advisors with presentations from Katerina Sotiropoulou, EU funded project coordinator from Olympic Training, Maryrose Francica, EU Funds Manager from AcrossLimits, Dr Shane O’Sullivan, Senior Project Assistant from Limerick Institute of Technology and Kyriakos Lingas, Senior Manager from Militos SA. The training programme, the e-learning platform, the consulting toolkit and their impact were presented.

The participants and speakers mingled together during the networking lunch that was offered by the hosts.

The afternoon session focused on practices and initiatives for the support of social enterprises. Glen William Woodroffe presented the British perspective of social entrepreneurship support, Dimitris Simos presented the microcredit opportunities in Greece, and Stella Papamihail presented the Erasmus + project ETC4SE which is about a digital platform addressing social entrepreneurs.

The first session of the second day was focused on inspiring examples of social enterprises such as the Center of Research on Human Behavior by Maniatis Mihalis, the social cooperative SIGMA Group by Sofia Stamos and the SEDETT project by Dr Shane O’Sullivan, Senior Project Assistant of Limerick Institute of Technology. After the coffee break, presentations and discussions took place about innovative supportive approaches and networking practices for social enterprises. Kyriakos Lingas, Senior Manager of Militos SA, presented the Social Up initiative, Mourtzils Panagiotis, presented the activities of the Union of KALO organizations of Attica, Dimitra Papadimitriou presented the Erasmus+ project InTSEnSE about the support of the Internationalization of Social Enterprises and Vasileios Bellis presented the support ecosystem for social enterprises in Karditsa.

The conference ended with a workshop entitled “Efficient ecosystems for the support of social enterprises”. During the workshop a fruitful discussion took place about the needs of social enterprises for support in different countries, as well as related initiatives, which reveal the necessity of interventions such as the SESBA project.

All the presentations of the conference have been uploaded on the project website.

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