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Business consultancy for social enterprises: training seminar on the techniques toolkit developed by SESBA project

To learn the consulting techniques to be used to support and guide social enterprises and their teams. This was the aim of the seminar organized by the Programma integra in Rome on the 31st January 2018 under the European project SESBA - Social Enterprise Skills for Business Advisers.

The seminar was attended by 20 people including business advisors, social professionals, project managers, researchers and students.

After a presentation of the project realized by Nicoletta Basili, Head of project planning and communication Area of Programma integra, the participants attended an in-depth presentation made by Laura Bianconi, project manager of Programma integra, on the consulting techniques developed by the SESBA and addressed at business advisors interested in social enterprises.

To give the participants the chance to test the toolkit techniques through the practice, Programma integra proposed a group exercise, conducted by the counselor Sara Nicu, which involved the experimentation of two techniques: The map is not the territory and the menu is not the meal; Six (6) piece story. The selected techniques aim to develop creative thinking, and to work on team building and internal communication.

The final evaluation of the seminar by the participants recognized the extreme usefulness of the tools produced by SESBA and gave a very positive feedback to the group exercise, requiring more training sessions on these issues.